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Stopping Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

I had you perform energy work on me to prevent a flare-up of Multiple Sclerosis – and I have not had a flare up since that time (2014). Hooray!! Now – my Dr. would argue that flare-ups do become less likely as one gets older, so he would use that to explain it – and it is true that I did keep getting older… But, it is a nasty disease and I had had several flare-ups in the years before the energy work. I think it helped, and I am very grateful for what you did!!

Diane Gibson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Maya the Dog Clearing Parasites

Another instance that stands out for me was when John energetically helped one of our fur Babies (aka dogs). Our dog Maya was very sick. She started losing lots of weight and constantly had a very bad diarrhea. For a couple months, we went from Vet to Vet looking for help trying different diets, meds, and many different expensive tests with no definite diagnosis. One night she got so bad could hardly move and her heartbeat was so slow I know we almost lost her. I asked John to please see if he could help. I sent him several pictures of her and even pictures of her diarrhea. He got back to me right away to let me know she had a bad case of parasites in her liver. He treated her energetically right away and told me what I would probably be seeing the parasites in her poop the next morning. We were shocked and very amazed to find these weird creatures in her poop (looked like aliens, rubbery tube branches…just gross). But John had told me that I would find weird stuff coming out of her. She was not only defecating these weird parasites, but she starting feeling good enough to drink on her own and eat a little bit. Long story short, we followed John’s advice and his protocol (it was not always easy but she is worth the effort) and she is better now acting like a pup, playing every day, eating and has put on weight. She has the playful energy of a young dog! We are so appreciative for John and his knowledge, skills, and amazing work with energy to help heal and save our lives and our pet’s life.

Stephanie C. for our dog, Maya., Pasadena, California, USA

Clearing Toxicity, Infections, and Normalizing Blood Sugar

I have worked with John Suzuki on several occasions to identify and clear many health issues through the application of his energy methods. Because I live in a different state, many of the sessions have been done remotely with the results being as successful as the times I have worked with him face-to-face.

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and John started working with me after I was diagnosed the second time. He was able to help me identify deficiencies in my body and help me support weak organs that were not optimal. Over time with his energetic support, I have been able to improve/lower the level of toxins and infections in my system through the combination of his recommended regime of specific supplements and remote energy treatments.

There have also been three occasions where I came down with flu-like symptoms, severe neck pain and headache. After working with John remotely (and providing photos of recent insect bites), he was able to help me clear infections related to ticks (lone star tick) and mosquitoes (chikungunya). He would help me clear these infections energetically and I would immediately become symptom free of the flu-like and neck/head pain.

He was also able to assist me with my pancreas which was causing my blood sugar to spike from normal to high ranges. The imbalance that was identified was cleared energetically and my blood sugar stabilized shortly after the sessions.

Michele Beacom, Frisco, Texas, USA

Clearing Encephalitis and West Nile disease

I have experienced a couple instances of working with John using energy that had very significant results (lifesaving). The most remarkable event occurred a couple years ago. I was in Texas and got multiple mosquito bites on both of my lower legs (approx. 64 separate bites). The next day I was very, very sick. I flew home and barely could walk off the plane myself. I never had experienced any flu or illness that made me feel that bad (High Fever, Severe Body Aches, very sensitive skin, hard to breathe, hard to swallow, etc.) I called my primary care medical doctor that said it was just the flu and to wait it out. I was so miserable. My blood pressure was very low and my temperature was very high so my doctor said I should go to the Emergency Room. We had also reached out to John to see if he had any advice. He suspected a mosquito virus (West Nile) so he tested me energetically and confirmed what he suspected. He performed other energetic clearing and helped me within a couple hours. I was not 100 percent but at least well enough to stand up, and take nourishment. I went to my Primary Care doctor the next day and she said I was very sick but could not figure out what I had so it was chalked it up to bad flu. At the request of John, I had to ask her to run some blood antibody titer tests for a few different mosquito viruses. They came back positive. She immediately put me on antivirals and had to prescribe some strong pain meds because of all the nerve pain (felt like electrical shocks all over my body but primarily on left side). The long story short, I took lots of different meds that did not work. I asked John for help again and within hours the shocks were getting manageable and body twitches were not as frequent. I continued to follow John’s suggestions and asked him to continue to treat me energetically since the drugs did not help. I had emailed John in the middle of the night because I was in such pain one night and the next morning I started to feel better all of the sudden. I just happened to know what time it was that I started feeling better cause the View (TV show) was on. Later that day I was checking my email and noticed that John had sent me an email around 10 am (when the view was on). The email said he was doing some energetic healing on me so I should start feeling significantly better. My boyfriend and I were dumbfounded…this type of scenario happened a few times so we could not say it was a coincidence in timing. So, so incredibly amazing.

Stephanie C., Pasadena, California, USA